Serial Entrepreneur. Private Investor. Micro Lender

Nigerian-born Serial Entrepreneur, Private Investor, and Micro Lender, dedicated to empowering women in business across Africa and beyond through motivational support and financial investment.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. …

Serial Entrepreneur, Private Investor, Micro Lender Thelma Okoro

Different Faces Of Thelma

Thelma Okoro excels as a dynamic entrepreneur, astute private investor, and compassionate micro-lender, demonstrating versatility and acumen across various financial landscapes.

Serial Entrepreneur

Thelma Okoro is a dynamic female entrepreneur known for her innovative approaches in business and her dedication to empowering other women in the entrepreneurial sphere.

Private Investor

A private investor, deeply committed to nurturing small businesses, diligently seeks opportunities to invest in and support emerging entrepreneurial ventures.

Micro Lender

A dedicated micro lender fervently supports underprivileged female small business owners, offering them a stepping stone to financial independence and empowerment.

Women Entrepreneurs Empowerment

A dedicated advocate for the empowerment of fewer women entrepreneurs, they focus on quality over quantity, striving to create deep, impactful changes in the lives of a select few.

Story Telling Through Content creation

Always at the forefront of the latest trends, she blends her love for beauty, hair, and fashion into a vibrant tapestry of style and elegance.

Adventures Captured in Stamps

Always eager for a new adventure, she views each stamp in her passport as a cherished memory and a gateway to understanding the diverse tapestry of cultures around the globe.

Thelma’s Brands

Thelma’s Brands, founded by serial entrepreneur Thelma Okoro, has consistently demonstrated innovation and growth in diverse business sectors.


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“Ability is nothing without opportunity” ”

Napoleon Bonaparte

French Emperor

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